Although it’s been rescheduled for 2021, the UEFA European Football Championship has kept its original name, EURO 2020, as well as the teams that are set to compete for the title of the best football nation on the Old Continent.

From the moment the qualifying teams were divided into groups, predictions started to appear on the internet. Also, various EURO 2020 Sportsbet promotions are seeking to reward those who manage to guess the winner of the championship.

Even though people have different opinions on who will be the new European football champion as of this year, some names have appeared on the list more than others. Let’s see the top candidates according to both football experts and avid fans of the sports.


England is currently the number one favourite to win EURO 2020 based on the predictions from the world’s top online sportsbooks. The team has been seen as the strongest contender for the throne thanks to extremely talented individuals and a great coach who decided to go after the title with everything he’s got.

Additionally, England will be the host country in a lot of matches, which will certainly make the team feel more comfortable on the pitch.


The star-studded Belgian team is another highly praised candidate for winning EURO 2020, primarily thanks to its many famous players.

The golden generation featuring Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, and other fantastic players is definitely worth mentioning since the team is considered among the world’s most talented. Along with England, Belgium is predicted to appear in the final match of this prestigious competition.


Portugal is the current European champion which automatically makes them a dangerous squad. However, the team will have to put in a bit of effort to keep the trophy as they are a part of the so-called group of death this year, along with Germany and France.

Although many football fans believe that having Christiano Ronaldo in the team is more than enough for a win, that might not be the case this year. While CR7 is still in pretty good shape, he certainly won’t be able to win all the matches without some assistance from the rest of his team, but you can bet he’ll try his best.


Obviously, the current world champion and the Euro 2016 runner-up will put on a great show at this competition as well. France is perhaps the team with the greatest motive to win EURO 2020 as the title slipped out of their hands the last time.

If they manage to win, history will repeat itself, and France will be both the European and World champion at the same time, just like they were back in 2000.


Germany is, without a doubt, one of the best European football teams overall. Discipline and perseverance have been the main traits of German footballers for years, and it’s exactly those characteristics they need to rely on now, as they ended up in the hardest group.

Facing France and Portugal in the group phase will be a true test for Germany and it will undoubtedly give us a couple of thrilling matches.

The Netherlands

While they are considered underdogs by some football experts, the Netherlands has high chances of reaching the knock-out phase of this competition. First of all, the team is quite strong and there’s no reason they should fail to reach success, especially if the incredible Virgil van Dijk recovers from his injury in time for the tournament.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re not an avid football fan, you’re probably aware that the teams we mentioned here are the elite of European football. Therefore, it’s no surprise the majority of football lovers trust that one of them will hold the Henri Delaunay trophy in July this year.

However, the fact that these teams have displayed excellence on the field for years doesn’t mean other teams should be easily discarded. We shouldn’t forget other great teams like Spain or Italy that will definitely put up a fight.

Also, many of you surely remember the 2018 World Cup and Croatia’s upset against England. Croatia’s 2018 campaign proved that anything was possible in football, and we should expect the unexpected this year as well.