Football is the most popular sport worldwide. For once, the sport rules are simple enough, but what makes them so appealing to the masses? Possibly, the unpredictability of the matches and, thus, online slots football have a lot to do with this perception. This article reviews the most shocking football results that are forever to remember in football history.

World Cup Semi-Final – Brazil 1-7 Germany (9th July 2014)

Brazil has been an acclaimed football team for decades. Thus, this match could not have been anticipated with such a one-sided scoreline. The game was so unexpected that it has its own Wikipedia page as of now. Although many fans claimed the German victory, nobody would have bet against Brazil to underperform so much. 

The “Agony of Mineirao”, as the public refers nowadays, to forever remember the shame of this event. The stream of goals was so quick that many Brazilian fans changed sides, so they started to cheer the Germans. Moreover, the riot in social networks was massive, having millions of tweets on the internet. In the end, at least some fans could have a good time cheering the sport overall from a match that broke several records.

World Cup Final Group – Uruguay 2-1 Brazil (16th July 1950)

In 1950, the World Cup match required Brazil to draw with Uruguay to be claimed as World Championship that year. Although Brazil went 1-0 up for a while, Uruguay managed to pull off the comeback. Thus, thousands of Brazilian supporters at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro had to face the outcome: Uruguay won the 1950 World Cup.

European Championship Final – Denmark 2-0 Germany (26th June 1992)

In 1992, Denmark didn’t qualify to participate in the European Championship, but Yugoslavia’s political outbreak ruled the football team out of the competition. So, despite being the underdog, Denmark struggled their way to the final by defeating no less than England, France, and Holland. In the last match, the Danish football team went 2-0 up vs the Germans to place the icing on the cake in an unforgettable performance.

World Cup Group Stage – North Korea 1-0 Italy (19th July 1966)

Italy has a long history regarding football as a sport, considering participation in World Cups and being no less than two times World champions. On the other side, North Korea had never participated in a World Cup before 1966. Thus, the world expected the Italians to swipe the Koreans with a clean victory – that never arrived. The one goal by Doo-Ik Pak secured the 1-0 win of the North Koreans, showing a massive deal of perseveration from the Asians.

English League Cup 2nd Round – Mk Dons 4-0 Manchester United (25th August 2014)

Sometimes, even the most prominent teams can taste the defeat. Following a lousy streak in Premier League, Manchester United was losing sourly on the 2013-14 season, including a loss against Swansea and another harsh draw against Sunderland. Then, to add to these infamous football results, Manchester United faced M.K. Dons, a 10-year League Two team. 

In conclusion, football history is depicted with any kind of surprises. A few times, we can see the best teams lose matched against underdogs or underestimated teams. Any football match outcome is based on several factors, sometimes out of control by the players. One thing is clear; any group may have the brightest day to take down a legend. This unpredictability is part of the charm that only football, and also its slots online have.

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