There is no doubt that the Champions League is the most competitive and most fun competition to watch when it comes to football. The best teams in Europe come together each year to determine which one is at the very top.

Throughout the years, this elite competition has graced us with tons of memorable moments that will remain engraved in our memories forever. Apart from the legendary games, the Champions League is also known for the huge amount of bets placed by the fans. As you know, football and betting have always gone side-by-side, especially when it comes to competitions of this type.

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Speaking of the legendary moments that will remain engraved in our memories forever, we decided to name a few fan-favourite matches that have defined the level of excitement that this competition brings. Let’s check them out.

Milan vs Liverpool (2005 Final)

If there is a match which is a practical definition of ‘make the impossible, possible’, it is this game. The final between Milan and Liverpool in 2005 is without a doubt the most memorable match ever in the Champions League. Milan produced a masterpiece of a performance in the first 45 minutes against Liverpool in this game and led the game 3-0. Everyone thought the game was finished.

As the second half started, Liverpool managed to not just score a goal, but even the result. Gerrard (54’), Vladimir Smicer (56’), and Xabi Alonso (60’) shocked the Rossoneri and helped Liverpool go to extra time. After the result was the same in the extra time, it was time for the penalty shootout to determine the winner. Liverpool won the penalties 3-2 and produced arguably the greatest comeback of all time.

Barcelona vs PSG (2017 Round of 16)

Speaking of comebacks, here’s another one that deserves nothing but praise. 2017’s Round of 16 between Barcelona and PSG was nothing short of amazing. After PSG won the first game 4-0 and shocked Barca, no one thought that they can produce a comeback.

To add to that, PSG even scored a goal in the second match, so Barcelona needed a total of 6 to get passed them. And they did it. Up until the 88th minute the result was 3-1. Thanks to a brace from Neymar in the 88th and 91st minute, and a late goal in the 95th minute from Sergi Roberto, Barca won the game and continued to the quarter-finals.