The Super Bowl and Champions League Final are two of the biggest yearly sporting events in the world. So, a comparison between both events does not necessarily mean one is better than the other.

Both events attract over fifty thousand live attendees, and viewers in their hundreds of millions every year. Fans of both events do not just watch but also bet on the games. If you’re one of those punters, have a peek at this site to bet with the best odds.

In case, you’re still wondering how huge both events are, we will discuss them one after the other.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the yearly final game of the American National Football League (NFL) which was first played in January 1967. Over the years, the event has gathered millions of fans in America and some other nations.

For over fifteen years, the game is played yearly on every first Sunday in February. Many people refer to the event as “The Big Game” with the name of that year’s sponsor sometimes added as a prefix.

Teams struggle every year through a grueling regular season to get to the playoffs. To qualify for the playoffs, a team must have 10 or more wins. The playoffs used to involve twelve teams until 2021 when the NFL expanded it to field fourteen teams.

The teams from the American Football Conference(AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC) that meet the qualification criteria are selected for the playoffs. Two teams from each conference get to the championship rounds. The two conference champions then proceed to the Super Bowl.

So many fun activities like concerts, festivals, and games lead to the main Super Bowl day. These activities are covered by top sports news websites and media outlets. This keeps the fans excited and eagerly expecting the event.

The UEFA Champions League (UCL) Final

The UCL is unarguably the biggest football tournament ever. It is a yearly football league organized by UEFA (Union of European Football Associations).

It is contested by the top-division clubs in Europe that pass through groups and knockout stages until two teams emerge finalists. These two teams play the UCL final. The first-ever champions league was held in 1956 and was won by Real Madrid.

Thirty-two teams picked from top football leagues in different European countries make it to the UCL. The group stage usually starts in September and ends in December while the Knockouts start in February the next year. The final game falls usually falls late during May or early June.

Which of both events is bigger?

Without any doubt, the UCL is bigger than the Super Bowl in terms of the number of fans and viewers around the world. It is watched in over 200 countries of the world while the Super Bowl is watched by about 180 countries.

In 2015, a total of 380 million people watched the UCL final around the world while 114 million people watched the Super Bowl.  The prize money of the UCL is also way larger than what the Super Bowl offers. Even on social media, the UCL has much more followers than the Super Bowl.

Although the popularity of the Super Bowl and NFL continues to increase every year, it is still unlikely to beat the UCL. This is because while the Super Bowl is a competition based in the USA, the Champions League is in the whole of Europe.