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Editor’s Note – Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson’s Editor’s Note from Issue Twenty Nine

World Cup Memories (20th Century)

The First Superstar – Brian Oliver
José Andrade was key as Uruguay won the first World Cup but celebrity took a terrible toll

Cinnamon Sticks – Chris Lepkowski
The long and ignoble history of World Cup songs, from Rod Stewart to Jurgen Klinsmann

The Great Disgrace – Uli Hesse
Brutality, unrepentance, the Shame of Gijón and falling out of love with West Germany

Numbers Made of Sequins – Dan Edwards
How Argentina improvised to find lightweight shirts for the 1986 World Cup quarter-final

The Last Great World Cup? – Tim Vickery
The joys of 1986 and a tournament before everybody knew everybody

The Assassin – Simon Hart
Toto Schillaci’s unexpected call-up and the goals that almost took Italy to Italia 90 glory

The Letter of 14 – Michael Yokhin
Russia should have been one of the strongest squads at USA 94 but internal politics intervened

Blue Skies and Brazil – Richard Jolly
Why USA 94 was the World Cup that had everything (apart from England)

Nothing Turns Away – Mardean Isaac
The World Cup final and the profound agony of Roberto Baggio

Cesar’s French Campaign – Joshua Law and Tom Sanderson
Cesar Sampaio looks back on his career and the chaos of the 1998 World Cup

At Home – Shinobu Yamanaka
How a schoolmate’s goal against Jamaica brought Japan into the football world

World Cup Memories (21st Century)

The Lost Doctorate – Scott Oliver
Theft, drugs and using the World Cup as a form of therapy

Bidding War – James Corbett
How Fifa’s corruption came to a head at the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg

Tears Before Bedtime – Priya Ramesh
Sitting up late to watch the Dutch betray their heritage was never going to end well

The Panini Ghost – Leonard Jägerkiöld Nilsson
The player who’s been in three World Cup sticker albums but has never been selected

Everything is True, Nothing is Accurate – James Young
Truth, lies, clichés and how Brazil wasn’t as it should have been

Russia 2018

Resurrection Man – Samindra Kunti
How Tite dragged himself and then Brazilian football into modernity

Bread and Circasses – Taimour Lay
What Spartak Nalchik says about one of Russia’s minorities

The Paradox of Peru – Morten Glinva
Ricardo Gareca once broke Peruvian hearts, but now the Argentinian stands at the heart of their resurgence

After the Arrests – David Con
The collapse of Fifa, the rise of Gianni Infantino and how much has really changed?

Mexican Manoeuvres – Grant Wahl
Juan Carlos Osorio and Javier Hernández on the movement that downed Costa Rica

Issue Twenty Nine


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First published in June 2018, Issue Twenty Nine contains 21 articles in 3 sections in a World Cup special, including tournament memories from Brian Oliver, Uli Hesse, Tim Vickery, Priya Ramesh and Dan Edwards, and features on Russia 2018 including what Spartak Nalchik of the lower leagues say about one of Russia minorities, David Conn on the collapse of Fifa and Samindra Kunti on how Tite dragged himself and Brazilian football into modernity.