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Editor’s Note – Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson’s Editor’s Note from Issue Twelve

The Rivals

Power Play – Sid Lowe
Carles Rexach and Jorge Valdano discuss the changing nature of the Real Madrid-Barcelona rivalry

Gamechanger – Miguel Delaney
Johan Cruyff on his role in creating the style of Barcelona and modern football

An Honourable Man – Graham Hunter
How Vicente del Bosque overcame rejection by Real Madrid to lead Spain to glory

A Game of Chess

Beyond the System – Philippe Auclair
Could the lessons of chess show football the way to an exciting new future?

Play Jazz, not Chess – Scott Oliver
Reflections on football, order and the imagination, and the need for improvisation


Maximum Opportunity – Steve Menary
Was Charles Hughes a long-ball zealot, or pragmatist reacting to necessity?

The Cult of the Pibe – Sergio Levinsky
Argentina’s ongoing love affair with scruffy urchins with feet of gold

Defenders of the Faith

The Birth of the Fan – Paul Brown
Why Victorians flocked to watch 22 men kicking a pig’s bladder about

Jerusalem Syndrome – James Montague
The mysterious disappearance of Guma Aguiar, the saviour of Beitar Jerusalem

Identity Crisis – Brian Homewood
Unpicking the convoluted threads of Mexico’s franchise system

Dream Fulfilled – Bartosz Nowicki
Relief and glee as Cardiff City finally found their way into the Premier League

Against the Odds

Sleeping Giant – Robin Bairner
In 1982, Jean-Pierre Adams was given anaesthetic before knee surgery. He hasn’t woken up

And Not to Yield – Richard Jolly
Only one sportsman can match Ryan Giggs for longevity: the New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter

The Street Dogs of Manila – Felix Lill and Javier Sauras
The Philippines are rising through the rankings, but are they Filipino enough?

Second City Syndrome – Matthew Campelli
Why has Birmingham struggled for football success for 30 years?


Artist or Machine? – Alex Keble
An investigation into the paradoxical relationship between sport and creativity

Alternate Title – Tim Vickery
The lessons sports journalists can draw from the Monkees


The Quantum of Bobby – Iain Macintosh
After his exile in Qatar, Bobby Manager returns to English football. Or does he…?

Greatest Games

England 1 West Germany 1* – Rob Smyth
World Cup semi-final, 4 July 1990, Stade delle Alpi, Turin

Eight Bells

Non-identical Twins – Michael Yokhin
A selection of twins who looked the same but played very differently

Issue Twelve


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First published in March 2014, Issue Twelve contains 20 articles in 9 sections, including: Rabin Bairner’s touching story of the French international who underwent knee surgery in 1982 and has yet to wake up; Philippe Auclair on whether the lessons of chess show football the way to an exciting new future; and Miguel Delaney interviews Johann Cruyff on his role in creating the Barcelona style and modern football.