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Editor’s Note – Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson’s Editor’s Note from Issue Thirty

Crossword – Knut
The cryptic crossword from Issue Thirty

Hostile Environment

Southern Comfort – Callum Rice-Coates
Football played a vital role in maintaining morale on Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expeditions

The Longest Game – Roger Domeneghetti
How Wolves beat Aberdeen to win the US title in sudden-death over-time

Golan Heights – Shaul Adar
The lengthy struggle of the Druze to put together a team to play in the Israeli league

The Chairman’s Wife – Heather McKinlay
Heather Alwen remembers the battle to take Charlton back to the Valley

2018 World Cup

Shock and Bore – Jonathan Wilson
Reflections on a thrilling World Cup with an underwhelming champion

The Little Soldier – Ben Lyttleton
Didier Deschamps explains how leadership has always come naturally to him

A Favourite Scapegoat – Kit Holden
Why Mesut Özil’s photograph with Turkey’s president ended his international career

Road Trip to Russia – Stuart Roy Clarke
Driving a camper van to Russia, back to England and into France for the final


The Stone Phallus of Fortune – James Montague
Following Bhutan as they embark on their World Cup qualification campaign

When Stadiums Disappear – Paul Hyland
Jorge Luis Borges, AFC Wimbledon and the meaning of home in football

The Mountain of Fire and Miracles – Sean Williams
How a team run by an Evangelical church has taken the Nigerian league by storm

The Discreet Charm of Rafa Benitez – Alex Hess
How English football came round to a manager who hates spontaneity

The Social Project – Michael Yokhin
The accidental success of the Swedish side that was never meant to be about winning


The Third Man – David Owen
The change in the offside law in 1925 altered the game forever

Do You Speak Football? – Tom Williams
An A-Z of colourful footballing vocabulary from around the globe

Greatest Games

England 2 Croatia 3 – Mike Gibbons
Euro 2008 qualifier, 21 November 2007, Wembley

Issue Thirty


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First published in September 2018, Issue Thirty contains 16 articles in 5 sections, including Jonathan Wilson’s reflections on the 2018 World Cup, the story of football on the Antarctic ice with Ernest Shackleton, Charlton’s return to the Valley, James Montague following Bhutan embarking on their World Cup qualification campaign and how English football has finally come around to Rafa Benitez.