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Issue 37: Editor’s Note – Jonathan WilsonJonathan Wilson’s Editor’s Note from Issue Thirty Seven

Life and Death

All Things to All Men – Dermot CorriganThe goalkeeper Ricardo Zamora was both honoured and imprisoned by both sides in the Civil War

A Cup of Tea then Blank – Tom HarveyHow a badly installed boiler almost killed the Fulham midfielder Robert Wilson


Interview: Sepp Blatter – Osasu ObayiuwanaThe former Fifa president on ageing, his enemies and his fight to clear his name


King of the Flipflap – Peter Speetjens
The Brazilian great Roberto Rivellino on his memories of three World Cups

When Puskás came to Selhurst Park – Jo Harman
The night in 1962 when third-division Crystal Palace pushed Real Madrid to the limit

The Age of the Shadow – Michael Yokhin
The Danish midfielder Søren Lerby once played two games in different countries in the same day

Photo Essay

The Legend of Atalanta – Paolo Vezzoli
Paolo Vezzoli with the photos from Atalanta


The Atomic Boys – Ewan Flynn
After the Second World War, Blackpool had the first organised fan club in the country

The Rise and Fall of the ShowBiz XI – John Harding
The club that featured Sean Connery, Tommy Steele and Des O’Connor in the same line-up

Out of the Hotbed – Paul Brown
The journalist David Taylor remembers Jackie Milburn, Hughie Gallagher and Millwall’s hooligans

Prisoners 1 Screws 0 – Jon Spurling
How the sitcom Porridge reflected changes in football in the 1970s

War Minus the Shooting – Callum Rice-Coates
George Orwell’s famed essay of football shows how little he understood it


The Club of Second Chances – Sean Cole
The Swedish side Ytterhogdal are developing players released by English academies

The Brief Glory of Ronnie Ekelund – Mark Sanderson
The Danish forward who became Matt le Tissier’s favourite teammate

The Pioneer – Roger Domeneghetti
Jozef Vengloš’s reign at Aston Villa was short but he was the first foreign top-flight manager


The Green Future – Tim Walters
If carbon emissions targets are to be met, football’s relentless expansion must stop

Time for a Change? – Michael McCann
Would a stopped clock system help eliminate the scourge of time-wasting?

Helping the Giants Escape – Elliot Turner
How Mexico and Argentina have tried to ensure big sides are never relegated

Greatest Game

Barcelona 5 Atletico 4 – Emile Avanessian
Copa del Rey quarter-final second leg, Camp Nou, Barcelona, 12 March 1997

Issue Thirty Seven


Released in June 2020, Issue 37 contains eight sections of articles including: Osasu Obayiuwana on how Sepp Blatter is trying to clear his name, Jo Harman on the time third-division Crystal Palace pushed Real Madrid and Puskás to the limit, Tim Walters on football’s relationship with climate change and more.