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Editor’s Note – Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson’s Editor’s Note from Issue Ten


The Dreamers – Philippe Auclair
Amid the protests of 1968, a group of journalists took French football leaders hostage

The Silenced Crowd – Richard Fitzpatrick
When Manchester United and Liverpool colluded to fix a match

The Reluctant Cabbie – Michal Petrak
The tragically curtailed career of the Czechoslovak great Rudolf Kučera

The Unmarked Grave – Tom Adams
What really happened to Andrew Watson, British football’s first black star

The Talent Spotters – Mike Calvin
A glimpse into the murky and unglamorous world of football scouts


Fatih Terim – Andy Brassell
The Emperor on the rise of Turkish football and breaking the glass ceiling with Galatasaray


Anyone But China – Henryk Szadziewski
Football plays a vital role in establishing a sense of identity for the Uyghur people

The Hamburg Factor – Simon Kuper
The Euro 88 semi-final marked the peak of the Dutch-German football rivalry

No Man’s Land – Jonathan Wilson
Siniša Mihajlović, Vukovar and the compromises of war

Photo Essay

Golden Vision – Felix Lill and Javier Sauras
The Olympic dream that fires the world’s greatest blind footballer


Notes on Street Football – Aleksandar Hemon
What kickabouts reveal about the tortured artists of neoromantic myth

A Man for all Seasons – Aleksandar Holiga
Tomislav Ivić pioneered pressing and won league titles in five different countries


The Thinker – Vladimir Novak
Ivan Ergić on the competing draws of football and philosophy

More Important than That – Anthony Clavane
David Peace discusses Red or Dead, his novel about the life of Bill Shankly


Literally on Fire – Jonathan Liew
How the game’s relationship with smoking has changed over the generations

The Death of Mystery – Rory Smith
Is the modern thirst for knowledge taking the fun out of football?

An Extra Edge – Colin O’Brien
Is football really clean, or does the sport have its head in the sand?

Importing “¡Puto!” – Nicolas Poppe
What a chant reveals about attitudes to homosexuality in US stadiums

The Voice of a Nation – Dan Edwards
The commentator Victor Hugo Morales is controversial, but makes football matter


Los Cincos y los Diezes – Rupert Fryer
A letter changes the life of a young footballer forever

Greatest Games

AC Milan 2 Benfica 1 – Miguel Delaney
European Cup final, Wembley Stadium, London, 22 May 1963

Eight Bells

Computer Games – George Osborn
A selection of key moments in the development of the football simulation

Issue Ten


First published in September 2013, Issue Ten contains 22 articles in 10 sections, including: Richard Fitzpatrick looking back to an extraordinary example of match-fixing between Liverpool and Manchester United; Simon Kuper on how the Euro 88 semi-finals marked the peak of the Dutch-German football rivalry; and Miguel Delaney’s Greatest Games piece on the AC Milan 2-1 Benfica European Cup final of 1963.