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Editor’s Note – Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson’s Editor’s Note from Issue Sixteen


The New Owner – Dileep Premachandran
Sachin Tendulkar discusses his interest in football and why he’s invested in an ISL team

Death of the Giant Killers – Louise Phillips
Hereford United are one of the most celebrated minnows of English football, so how could they collapse into bankruptcy?

Building the Dream – James Corbett
As the political wrangling continues over Qatar’s World Cup, what’s the reality on the ground?

After the Earthquake – Felix Lill and Javier Sauras
How football is playing its part rebuilding the shattered communities around Fukushima


Reinaldo – James Young
The former Brazil striker explains how he expressed his opposition to the dictatorship


The Improbable Rainmaker – Jonathan Wilson
How a derided reserve goalkeeper brought Côte d’Ivoire’s long wait for a trophy to an end

Home Comforts – John Davidson
Victory in the Asian Cup they hosted seals Australia’s place in the heart of the Asian confederation


Homes of Football – Stuart Roy Clarke
The photographer explains what led him to take football as his subject

Reel of Fortune – John Harding
The early days of cinema and the struggle to portray football on screen

Scripted Drama – Stephen O’Donnell
The long wait for football to be taken seriously as a literary subject


Echoes in Eternity – Paul Simpson
Of all the great managers, which has been the most influential in inspiring future generations?

Fishing in a Small Pond – Ben Lyttleton
Ralf Rangnick explains the philosophy behind Red Bull’s investment in Salzburg and Leipzig

Pedestrian and Backward – Jon Spurling
How Ron Greenwood tried to instil a Hungarian approach at Arsenal

Sierra Leone

The Player – Firdose Moonda
How Kei Kamara divides his time between his MLS career and his work in Sierra Leone

The Coach – Greg Lea
Johnny McKinstry on the challenges he faced as coach of Sierra Leone

The President – Joanna Howarth
How Isha Johansson has risen to lead the Sierra Leonean Football Association

Greatest Games

Rangers 2 Celtic 2 – Scott Murray
Scottish Premier League, Ibrox, 17 October 1987

Eight Bells

Chants – Andrew Lawn
A selection of terrace songs that helped shape the history of chanting

Issue Sixteen


First published in March 2015, Issue Sixteen contains 18 articles in 8 sections, including: Louise Phillips examining how celebrated minnows Hereford United were let collapse into bankruptcy; James Corbett visits Qatar to find out what the reality is regarding the World Cup preparations on the ground; and Paul Simpson tries to establish which manager has been the most influential in inspiring future generations.