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Editor’s Note – Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson’s Editor’s Note from Issue Fourteen

World Cup Review

The Mirror Crack’d – Cassiano Gobbet
Brazil’s 7-1 semi-final defeat will reverberate through history: what went wrong?

The Inevitable Conclusion – Ben Lyttleton
Another World Cup exit on penalties: why can’t the Dutch win shoot-outs?

Notes from a Tournament – Various
From Budapest to Buenos Aires: the story of Brazil 2014

Pictures from an Exhibition – Ryu Voekel
A selection of the best photographs from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Past Glories

The Velvet Revolution – Elko Born
Johan Cruyff, Ajax and the struggle for the soul of Dutch football

Orbán Planning – Dan Nolan
The Hungarian prime minister’s attempts to restore the national team to glory

The End of the Affair – Rob Smyth, Lars Eriksen and Mike Gibbons
How Spain and a misplaced backpass halted Denmark’s glorious 1986 World Cup campaign

The Misfits

Bye-bye Bebé – Richard Jolly
The strange Manchester United career of the Portuguese striker

Best in Show – Luke Alfred
While most fans were focused on the 1974 World Cup, George Best was playing in South Africa

The Still Point – Joachim Barbier
Can a player like Javier Pastore make it at a club like Paris St-Germain?

The Revolutionaries

$10 Per Day – Alex Footman
Despite poverty, political turmoil and a lack of infrastructure, football goes on in Afghanistan

Football’s First Millionaire – John Harding
How Bolton’s Jack Slater smashed class barriers to make his fortune

Rise and Fall of Castel Rigone – Pedar Foss
The entrepreneur, the village team and the experiment in humanistic capitalism

A Passage to Indiana – Gunnar Persson
The Swedish great Murren Carlsson’s doomed attempt to make it in the USA

La Renaissance – Philippe Auclair
Michel Hidalgo survived kidnapping to lead France to the 1978 World Cup


The Quantum of Bobby (Part Three) – Iain Macintosh
Spinning through time and space, Bobby Manager finds himself in Escape to Victory

César and Alf – Scott Murray
How World Cup-winning managers might have the the night of their triumph

Greatest Games

Russia 1 Ukraine 1 – Michael Yokhin
Euro 2000 qualifier, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, 9 October 1999

Eight Bells

Brazilian Courtroom Dramas – Jack Lang
A selection of controversies in the Brazilian game that were settled off the pitch

Issue Fourteen


First published in September 2014, Issue Fourteen contains 20 articles in 7 sections, including: Ben Lyttleton trying to find out why the Dutch lost yet again on penalties; Elko Born on Johan Cruyff and the struggle for the soul of Dutch football; and Philippe Auclair revisits the kidnapping attempt on France manager Michel Hidalgo on the eve of the 1978 World Cup.