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Issue 42: Editor’s Note – Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson’s Editor’s Note from Issue Forty Two


Homecoming – Jonathan Wilson
Euro 2020 was a surprisingly bright tournament that, for good and ill, celebrated a returning normality

The Two Cultures – Morten Glinvad
Kasper Hjulmand and the job of reconciling Denmark’s divided footballing identity

A Strange Kind of Glory – Tim Vickery
Lionel Messi has an international trophy at last, but it came in the weirdest of circumstances

Photo Essay

A Coming Home – Stuart Roy Clarke
Stuart Roy Clarke photographs during Euro 2020 (with a little help from his friends Jose & Dan, Nick & Natalie)

Italy In The War

The Birth of the Legend – Nicola Ferrero
The creation and destruction of Torino’s five-time title winners

Son of the Father – Paolo Vezzola
Sandro Mazzola on his Superga, his father and living up to the family name

Football and Fascism – John Foot
From the very beginning Mussolini understood the soft-power importance of sport

Opposite Sides – John Irving
The parallel tragedies of Raffaele Jaffe and his former protege Luigi Barbesino

The Ironic Little Laugh – Simone Pierotti
Football, scepticism and the battle for survival in Tuscany during the War

The Reserve Net – Alberto Facchinetti
Gip Viani and the development of catenaccio at Salernitana

Wandering Rocks – John Irving
Throughout Italy, careers were shaped and destroyed by the War


Mentors – Ben Welch
How players are shaped by the environment in which they grow up

Issue Forty Two


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To be published in September 2021, Issue Forty Two contains four sections containing 12 articles including Jonathan Wilson on how Euro 2020 celebrated a return to normality, for good and ill; Tim Vickery on how Lionel Messi’s long-awaited international trophy came in the weirdest of circumstances; and a collection of stories on Italy in the War.


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