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Of Lions and Donkeys – Jonathan Wilson
Senegal celebrated their first Cup of Nations win, but this was a grim event stained by tragedy

The Day of the Scorpions – Nick Ames
A critical mass of players in Italy means Gambian football is beginning to be taken seriously

Feet of Clay – Maher Mezahi
Algeria were Cup of Nations favourites but went out in the group. What went wrong?

Remembering Marco – Njie Enow
The inspirational life, tragic death and legacy of Marc-Vivian Foé


Even the Thieves are Watching TV – John Foot
Argentina v Italy at Italia 90 and what it said about Naples’s relationship with the rest of the country

Gazza – Nicholas Hogg
On a chance meeting with the former England midfielder at a pub in Leicester

Hayes Maker – Andrew Wilson
The dramatic emergence of a young Cyrille Regis in the Isthmian League

The Master of the Dry Leaf – Peter Speetjens
Pelé was the star, but the creative hub of Brazil’s 1958 World Cup winners was Didi


Chosen Ones – Sean Cole
Joe Cole, Michael Carrick and the rest of West Ham’s Youth Cup-winning squad of 1998-99

End of the Road – Alasdair Howorth
Binga, the Malian second-division side who reached the play-off round of the CAF Confederation Cup

Edge of Gold – Ben Welch
Stewart Downing on childhood loss, Boro glee, leaving Liverpool and the 2006 World Cup


Light in the Darkness – Colin McPherson
A visit to Arbroath, where the traditional spirit of Scottish football burns bright


The Man who Brought Down Fifa – James Corbett
A tribute to Andrew Jennings, who exposed the dark heart of global sports administration

Basquocracy – Scott Oliver
After Franco’s death, Real Sociedad and Athletic dominated la Liga

The Bestial Nature of Man – Jo Araf
The village that provided the basis for the first China national side

West Block Blues – Shubi Arun
The rise of Bengaluru FC and the reinvention of Indian fan culture

The Match of Myth – Dan Billingham
In 1941 Rapid Vienna beat Schake 04 to win the German title, but was it fixed?


The Edge of Failure – Cameron Ponsonby
Goalkeeping is a specialised position, so why isn’t it subject to specialised punditry?

Game’s Gone – Andi Thomas
Untrammelled capitalism and the eternal quest for lost Edens

Issue Forty Four


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Published in March 2022, Issue Forty Four and its six sections contains 19 articles including four pieces from the Africa Cup of Nations; Sean Cole admires West Ham’s Youth Cup-winning squad of 1998-99; and Cameron Ponsonby on the lack of specialist punditry for goalkeeping.

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