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The Building Legacy – James Corbett
With the World Cup less than six months away, where does Qatar stand?

The Sustainability Myth – Ben Gilbert
Can the 2022 World Cup really be the carbon-neutral model the organisers claim?


Flight of the Cunning Swede – Gunnar Persson
The rise of Kurt Hamrin, the winger whose goals inspired AC Milan and Padova

Sweet-stealer, Soldier, Striker – Aleksandar Djurić with Vladimir Novak
How a Bosnian kayaker survived the war to play football for Singapore

Odd Man Out – Jo Araf
The emergence and exile of Alejandro de los Santos, Argentina’s only black footballer

Part-time Passion – Sean Cole
Edgar Davids and the contradictions of his turbulent spell as manager of Barnet

Men in Black – Jon Spurling
How referees became celebrities in the changing media world of the 70s

The Deliberate Man – Ned Boulting
Long after his retirement, Brian Clough remained a master of media

Hot Stuff – Adam Bushby
Nigel Pepper, York City, the burst balls and the mysteries of memory


Leg to Stand On – Javier Sauras and Felix Lill
The resilience and on-going struggles of Sierra Leone’s amputee footballers


The Greatest – Emile Avanessian
How Barcelona Femení rose to become the most dominant side in the world

In Jock Stein’s Shoes – Ewan Flynn
Alex Ferguson’s adventures with Scotland at the 1986 World Cup

Campo Testaccio – John Irving
How an early wooden stadium modelled on Goodison Park captures the spirit of Roma

The Real Brussels Club? – Peter Speetjens
How Union St-Gilloise returned from the depths to shake up Belgium’s elite


Chelsea 4 Liverpool 4 – Scott Oliver
Champions League semi-final, second leg, Stamford Bridge, London, 14 April 2009

Issue Forty Five


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Published in June 2022, Issue Forty Five and its five sections contain 15 articles including two pieces looking ahead to the Qatar World Cup; Ned Boulting on Brian Clough, a master of the media; and Emile Avanessian relays the story of how Barcelona Femení became the most dominant side in the world.

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