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Editor’s Note – Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson’s Editor’s Note from Issue Eighteen


The Turf War – Ann Tornkvist
How the murder of the promising footballer Eddie Moussa sheds light on Sweden’s gang culture

The Agony of Doha – James Montague
Despair at a World Cup qualifying tournament in 1993 proved the springboard for the rise of Japan

Out of the Shadows – Peter McVitie
The remarkable rise of PEC Zwolle, the minnow who reached successive Dutch Cup finals

Porterfield’s Legacy – Robert O’Connor
His former assistant Tom Jones remembers how Ian Porterfield inspired Armenia’s resurgence


The Forgotten Full-Back – Scott Murray
John Barnes, John Aldridge and Peter Beardsley dazzled, but Steve Nicol was key to Liverpool’s 1987-88 title

Accidental Hero – Shaul Adar
Ronnie Rosenthal played an implausibly important role in Liverpool’s last title success

Farewell, My Lovely – Dileep Premachandran
A fan who followed from afar pays tribute to Steven Gerrard


The Ball Game Bulganin – John Harding
It’s 60 years since Jimmy Guthrie led the Professional Footballers Association into the TUC

The Unacknowledged Filters – Jack Pitt-Brooke
Uncovering the world of the football translators, mediators of the international game

The Nietzschean Dream of Barcelona – Uriah Kriegel
Luis Enrique found the perfect blend of Apollonian and Dionysian to reinvigorate Barça

Flight of the Ladybird – Jonathan Wilson
A centenary celebration of the publisher whose history of football was a set text for generations


The Subscription Model – Tsjalle can der Burg
Does putting football on pay television really make economic sense?

A Convenient Culprit – Luke Alfred
Is Steve Goddard really the only man to blame for South Africa’s match-fixing scandal?

Women’s World Cup

Settling the Score – Glenn Moore
The USA won a third title as the women’s game confirmed the huge strides it has taken

Copa América

The 99-Year Wait – Jonathan Wilson
Under Jorge Sampaoli, Chile discovered a pragmatic edge to win their first trophy

Shifting Plates – Sergio Levinsky
What the Copa América told us about the balance of power in Conmebol

The Unappreciated Genius – Sergio Levinsky
After another defeat in a final, the Argentinian public is losing patience with Lionel Messi

The Caravan of Death – Carl Worswick
El Estadio Nacional, where the final was won, played a central role in the aftermath of Pinochet’s coup

Greatest Games

Manchester United 2 Liverpool 2 – Rob Smyth
Premiership, Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, 1 October 1995

Eight Bells

Head Boys – Naomi Westland
A selection of heads of states who, for better or worse, have dabbled in football

Issue Eighteen


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First published in September 2015, Issue Eighteen contains 20 articles in 8 sections, including: Scott Murray explains how Steve Nicol, not Barnes, Aldridge or Beardsley, was key to Liverpool’s 1988-88 title win; Tsjalle van der Burg examines whether putting football on pay-TV actually makes any sense; and Jonathan Wilson on how under Jorge Sampaoli Chile discovered a pragmatic edge to win their first trophy.