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Editor’s Note – Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson’s Editor’s Note from Issue Eight


The Wrong Side of the Border – Jacob Steinberg
After decades of stalemate, Northern Cypriot football may be about to come in from the cold

The Hangover of War – Cyrus Philbrick
Almost four decades after the Turkish invasion, the shadow of conflict hangs over the Nicosia derby


Sepp Blatter – Philippe Auclair
The president of Fifa admits he may stand for re-election in 2015 and reveals concerns over the Qatar World Cup


Mourinho’s Cult of Personality – Roy Henderson
How the Real Madrid manager’s charismatic authority fosters loyalty

The Lawnmower and the Teapot – Iain Macintosh
Barry Fry discusses how to motivate players and how the world of management has changed

The Bicycle Thief – Lars Sivertsen
Zlatan Ibrahimović has always been an individual — it’s how he fits in


But You Can’t Change… – Mike Calvin
How a Watford supporter ended up being converted into a Millwall fan

In the Shadow of the Goldfish – Gary Hartley
Having lived the dream, Leeds have slowly drifted into a protracted doze

Paying the Price – Craig Anderson
Rangers’ administration and relegation were about far more than a club that couldn’t pay its debts

In Appreciation of…

Franco Baresi – Sheridan Bird
How the great libero staged a remarkable recovery from a knee injury to play in the 1994 World Cup final

Brian Glanville – Philippe Auclair
The doyen of English football writing discusses the forefathers of modern sports journalism

Ireland’s Pioneers – David Owen
This year marks the centenary of Ireland’s first victory over England


Eat Them Like Bread – Jonathan Wilson
Nigeria ended their 19-year wait for a third Cup of Nations but a familiar sense of chaos remains

After the Circus – Luke Alfred
What was the legacy of the World Cup for South Africa?

The Great Administrator – Tom Dunmore
How Ydnekatchew Tessema led the fight to have African football taken seriously

Bamako Twilight – Stuart Roy Clarke
Away from the war, football goes on in the Malian capital


In Praise of Football – Alex Keble
For all the commercialisation and scandal, football remains the purest and most demotic of cultural modes

Financial Fair Play? – Steve Menary
How Champions League revenues can devastate competition in Europe’s smaller leagues


The Limping God (Part Three) – David Ashton
His football career ended by injury, John Brodie’s life is going nowhere until he is sucked into the world of crime

Greatest Games

Boca Juniors 2 Real Madrid 1 – Rupert Fryer
Toyota Intercontinental Cup final, National Stadium, Tokyo, 28 November 2000

Eight Bells

Football on TV – Scott Murray
Key moments in the history of televising the game

Issue Eight


First published in March 2013, Issue Eight contains 21 articles in 10 sections, including: Roy Henderson examining José Mourinho’s cult of personality and how his charismatic authority fosters loyalty; Lars Sivertsen on how Zlatan Ibrahimović’s upbringing shaped the footballer he became; and Scott Murray on the key moments in the history of televised football.