Some of the many, many highlights from the eighth year include:

  • Issue Twenty Nine – The joys of the 1986 World Cup, how Tite dragged himself and Brazillian football into modernity and the player in three World Cup sticker albums but never selected at a tournament.
  • Issue Thirty – Charlton return to the Valley, maintaining morale on Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expeditions and Jonathan Wilson reflects on a thrilling World Cup in Russia.
  • Issue Thirty One – James Montague looking back on Thaksin Sinawatra’s ownership of Manchester City, the misunderstood genius of Hatem Ben Arfa and the time Henry Kissinger went to watch Grimsby Town.
  • Issue Thirty Two – Jonathan Wilson on how the Copa Libertadores final exposed tensions in globalised football, Richarlison’s journey to the Premier League and remembering Albert Camus’ love for the game.

Eighth Year Collection


All four hard copy issues from The Blizzard’s eighth year (Issues Twenty Nine to Thirty Two inclusive) in one bundle.