If you’re reading this article, you’ve landed on the new incarnation of theblizzard.co.uk!

We hope you like the site and find it easy to navigate, but if you have any questions or comments please get in touch with us via info@theblizzard.co.uk. Your feedback is much appreciated

We have updated our FAQs to reflect changes to the website and our subscription model. Please refer to these in the first instance if you have a question.

For ease of reference, here is a summary of the major changes to the website and subscription model.


Why have you updated the website?

1) To fix a number of bugs/imperfections that affected the running of the old website, the service we are able to provide customers and your user experience

2) To put in place an updated subscription model (see below)


Why has the subscription model changed? Is my subscription affected by these changes?

Our previous subscription package allowed subscribers full access to digital versions of our entire archive for the duration of their subscription. Needless to say that this archive is now much more extensive than it was five years ago.

We need to monetise the content we publish, so we have made the decision to amend our subscription offering for new subscribers. At any given time, subscribers will have access to the current issue and 12 back issues (3 years’ worth from the archive).

*** Access to the full archive will remain for existing subscribers until further notice. We are committed to honouring the subscription package you signed up to ***

We have introduced a subscriber benefit – valid for existing and new subscribers. You are entitled to 10% off single issues and collections. Log in to your account before you shop to see the preferential pricing.

Once again, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch with us via info@theblizzard.co.uk.


I am a long-time subscriber but my subscription has recently lapsed. Will I be able to retain access to the full archive?

Yes. We have no intention of penalising subscribers who have forgotten to renew. Please subscribe on the website, then contact us via info@theblizzard.co.uk and we can amend your subscriber privileges.


Why has the ‘Articles’ section been removed from the site?

Previously, we published all articles on the website with a monthly cap of 3 articles per month per user.

We intend to continue to offer free content to all users but in a different way:

– We will supply sample editions of every issue. These can be found in the ‘Samplers’ section. Initially, we will publish sample editions from 2020 (issues 36-39). Other sample editions will be added in the new year.

– We will publish selected articles from The Blizzard, The Squall (our ‘breezy brother’) and original writing in the ‘Writing’ section.


What formats can I download The Blizzard in?

Issues 0-38 are available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats. From issue 39 we will only be supplying PDF and EPUB files.

We have decided to stop producing MOBI files for a few reasons:

– They are a proprietary format (and therefore not universally accessible)

– MOBI is no longer used as Amazon’s default file format for Kindle, so it is becoming less widely used

– We have experienced some problems in the formatting and layout of our publications when creating MOBI files

EPUB files are the universal file format for eBooks and can easily be converted into MOBI files for most reading Kindles and handheld devices. You can find more information on how to do this here.

For answers to other questions please refer to our FAQs or email info@theblizzard.co.uk.