Working in a business that straddles the worlds of tech and sports must be exhilarating at the moment, with both sectors seeing lightning-fast changes, new trends rearing their head on an almost weekly basis and the need for fans to stay up to date with their favourite sports with sites like oddschecker that also offer up free sports bets, so they can take the knowledge they have acquired and put it to use.

What this has meant for sports fans is that pro sports have become more amenable and easier to follow than ever before, with some giving the sort of access that people could only dream of a few years ago.

Here are some of the ways that contemporary tech trends are blurring the lines of what constitutes a player, a spectator, and a pundit.

Tech is changing fans' experience of live sport
The way fans keep up to date with on-pitch developments is changing thanks to new tech trends

Fans Abandoning Regular Sports Commentary to Make Their Own
One of the main facets of sports broadcasting that has been altered forever by technology is people side-lining official commentary and pundit panels to replace them with either their very own commentary or that of fellow fans.

YouTube is awash with such feeds, allowing fans to interact and exchange banter all without having to pay to be in a stadium to do so.

With popular fan media channels such as AFTV blowing up online and taking over when it comes to ratings and viewer numbers, expect this trend to continue growing.

Stats, Live Feeds and Odds Make for a Complete Experience
Aside from bringing fans of sports teams closer together, big tech is also allowing followers of many sports to stay informed about the ins and outs at their beloved club.

Many websites now provide everything from live feeds to in-depth statistical breakdowns of games.

Modern fans have a strong grasp of the use of stats
Many fans now have a strong grasp of how stats can shape and explain the game they love

Cost Effective Streaming Platforms are the Future
While the streams found on such websites tend to cover more niche sports from far-flung areas of the planet, there are up and coming streaming services which are going about disrupting the antiquated sports broadcasting industry.

The biggest proponent of such an approach is DAZN, with the company snapping up regional content and tailoring their offering to fans so they receive exactly what they want, when they want it.

They have also begun to take risks, buying up the rights to world heavyweight number 2, Anthony Joshua, as well as some major football and motor racing rights.