The latest addition to our bookshop collection. Welcome to this serious nonsense.

Introducing, Man the Footballer: Homo Passiens, the latest addition to our online bookshop. Homo sapiens are the imposters. Walking on two legs – bipedalism – couldn’t have possibly been evolved simply for terrestrial locomotion. Why on earth would the Homo species choose just two legs for transportation rather than three, or even four? There can only be one explanation, according to Man the Footballer: Homo Passiens author Mike McInnes.

McInnes, alongside illustrations by satirical artist Matt Kenyon, provides a radical hypothesis, grounded by principles drawn from the evolutionary and cultural history of mankind, that humans evolved bipedalism for the purpose of playing football.

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As entertaining as it is enlightening, this unique work is a must-have for any football fan. Homo Passiens: Man the Football is available to order today from our online bookshop.

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And read the first four sections of Man the Footballer: Homo Passiens:

1. Foreword (or Forward) by Irvine Welsh

2. Anthropology and the Social Kickship Ties of Football

3. A letter to football fans

4. Introducing Man the Footballer: Homo Passiens


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