Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with Football Club Barcelona (FCB) is well aware that 2020 has been what can only be called a rather rocky year. We are not only referring to the ongoing global health crisis in this respect. The entire team has been hit with rumours, allegations, infighting, similarly disturbing news.

Perhaps the most well-known example of these observations can be seen if we roll the clocks back to the summer of 2020. It emerged that Lionel Messi was seriously considering leaving FCB in favour of Manchester United; even before his contract had expired. This immediately raised red flags for both players and fans alike. Considering the fact that Messi was always a long-time FCB stalwart (and indeed the heart of the team), his departure would have been devastating. The good news is that such rumours appeared to blow over. Unfortunately, FCB has been hit with even more bad press.

What About Barcagate?
The term “Barcagate” has been making the rounds online, but what exactly does it all mean? According to news sources, former club president Josep Maria Bartomeu is being investigated on a series of fraud charges. Specifically, authorities believe that Bartomeu was paying an overseas public relations company to clear up his sullied name with the use of club funds. This is obviously a very serious allegation and if proven correctly, criminal charges could soon be filed. However, might this only represent the tip of the proverbial iceberg? Could the current investigation lead to closer scrutiny of the Champions League teams as a whole? Let’s take on the role of devil’s advocate for a moment.

A Risky Game of Chance
Whether referring to poker, slots, baccarat or horse racing, the element of chance always comes into play. This is a well-known and accepted fact. This is obviously a fact when referring to any online casino. Still, such possibilities are often offset by large bonuses, solid rewards packages and a massive variety of games to choose from. In other words, the prizes well outweigh the risks. This is true when referring to any online casino.

However, such observations should never spill over into financial management and the misuse of club funds. Due in no small part to the power of social media and the Internet as a whole, we have already witnessed a series of fiscal football scandals come and go in recent times (tax avoidance claims associated with Lionel Messi are one example).

What Difference Will it All Make?
Let’s now assume that other scandals are brought to light. Will these really make a difference to the average fan? Probably not. The simple fact is that avid football supporters are not nearly as interested in what goes on behind the scenes as they are with the performance of their favourite team on the pitch.

Every sport is associated with scandals from time to time. In terms of football, its international popularity alone as well as the revenue that the games create will need to be carefully balanced against what actions investigators are able to take.